So far on My Digital Life, I've learned about many things. I learned how to pick the right computer, viral activities, and how to keep my personal information safe. I've also learned to not text or call when driving, and try to keep away from being addicted to the internet too much. The pop quizzes aren't that difficult when you take it after the things you've learned, compared to the mini quiz at the beginning. 
    I think my favorite part of My Digital Life, is when we choose stuff for the "Still Beating Hearts" concert. I'm not much of the fan of the polls though. My favorite section that I learned along the way, was the "viral world". The story of it was when one of the characters used identity theft to make themselves an account on a site called "YouVille" . I also liked it when I did the "No Texting While Driving" part. The girl had an attitude, which made it for fun and slightly challenging.
    During school, I managed to finish My Digital Life. At first, I was sort of disappointed because it was really fun, but on the bright side I can finish my website, other assignments, and possibly go on ABCYA! or other typing games on Mr. Kimbleys website. My Digital Life taught me many things, and I was having a really great time learning from it, and if you're reading this, you should try it ouyt sometime and I hope you have a great time too.

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