Today is the last Free Write Friday! I'm kind of sad about it, because that means that I won't be able to write freely, or just write out what's in my mind. That means that the ALL of the blogs are restricted! Speaking of what's in my mind, I can't believe what happened at lunch! The Leadership team made an event where we got to shoot water balloons at the teachers. Many were aiming for Mrs. Dunlap, Mr. Kimbley, and Johnetta. In fact, some people even betted 5 dollars on it! I was really excited, and wondered if any of them actually got hit. When I went into the classroom, a classmate said that he got hit 3 times. Everyone was really excited to see what his reaction would be like, but when he came in, he came in casually, like nothing happened at all. Then he said that he didn't get hit at all, which disappointed most of the students. Overall, it was really funny,

Did I mention that we are going eat calamari in Science today? I'm really wondering how that's going to work. Mrs. Poole told us yesterday to bring seasoning, and I brought salt, pepper, and chicken boullion powder. I wonder how it's going to taste. I've had calamari before, but I never actually tried homemade calamari. Hopefully it'll taste good, since I've heard some good feedback. 

I'm sad that this is the last Free Write Friday, and next year we aren't doing any blogs anymore, since it's mostly about working Photoshop. Today was a good Friday, and 

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