So today when I came in to Computer class, Melissa, Paige, and Christopher were arguing about sparkle(s) being a color, which doesn't make much sense to me. Christopher says that sparkles is an effect, or adjective, which I agree with. I mean if sparkles are a color, then isn't it suppose to have its own color. All it does is make other colors shiny and sparkly. What's the point?

Even if it's just sparkles by itself, it's just white, or transparent. One sparkle by itself is just transparent, but when it's grouped up together, it turns white, which is also a color. A pretty accurate reason if you ask me. I find it a little bit childish of arguing about sparkles. I mean it just has that "kindergarten" feeling, you know what I mean?

Anyways, I know that this weekend is going to be a normal one. I hope you readers have a good weekend, and have fun!

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