Nothing different has happened today. I'm so happy because its the 3 DAY WEEKEND!! School is fun and all, but sometimes all we need is a nice break. A 3-day weekend is just what the docter ordered. On Labor Day, I'm going to a barbeque!! Also I'm going to a chinese buffet later tonight. I love it when my family goes out because that's when we have the most fun together. 
        I like it best when I'm hanging out with my friends from my old school. Most of them live in my neighborhood, and there's a park with a playground and swings nearby, so we would always meet there. I hope that they won't call me a "nerd" just because I come here. But if they do, who cares! I'm a nerd and proud of it! Haha. 

        Speaking of friends, I'm meeting a Computech student too! In my earlier posts, Shyann goes to Computech AND my church. So then me and her would have a ton of fun together. I just hope that she ACTUALLY comes instead of not coming at all. Hopefully today goes okay.

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