Before you all accuse me of being a liar, let me just get this straight. THIS IS NOT A FREE-WRITE FRIDAY BLOG. It's Wednesday, the last day of school. So of course I'm going to have to make this one, last blog special.

Being in Computer class has helped me a lot. I now know my limits, and that just because I'm behind screen doesn't mean I won't get hurt. When people push you off the line, it makes you want to shout at them. In fact, before this class, I used to think that typing to people in Caps Lock would scare them, but then I found out I was wrong. It doesn't affect them at all, and it won't scare them.

I also learned many multimedia resources. I learned how to use spreadsheets, and presentations, and many more. In fact, I'm actually teaching my mom how to use Google Drive. Also, I learned to type, even though it felt different. Surprisingly, I actually like Computer class. Mr. Kimbley has taught us a lot and even though it's sad that he has to go, he's still a teacher that taught me many things. 

Overall, Computer class has taught me many things on the internet, that I could use here and at home. It is really a good class that should be taught to all school
Today is the last Free Write Friday! I'm kind of sad about it, because that means that I won't be able to write freely, or just write out what's in my mind. That means that the ALL of the blogs are restricted! Speaking of what's in my mind, I can't believe what happened at lunch! The Leadership team made an event where we got to shoot water balloons at the teachers. Many were aiming for Mrs. Dunlap, Mr. Kimbley, and Johnetta. In fact, some people even betted 5 dollars on it! I was really excited, and wondered if any of them actually got hit. When I went into the classroom, a classmate said that he got hit 3 times. Everyone was really excited to see what his reaction would be like, but when he came in, he came in casually, like nothing happened at all. Then he said that he didn't get hit at all, which disappointed most of the students. Overall, it was really funny,

Did I mention that we are going eat calamari in Science today? I'm really wondering how that's going to work. Mrs. Poole told us yesterday to bring seasoning, and I brought salt, pepper, and chicken boullion powder. I wonder how it's going to taste. I've had calamari before, but I never actually tried homemade calamari. Hopefully it'll taste good, since I've heard some good feedback. 

I'm sad that this is the last Free Write Friday, and next year we aren't doing any blogs anymore, since it's mostly about working Photoshop. Today was a good Friday, and 
Tonight is the upcoming night of everyone's big night..the formal. The theme is going "Under The Sea", and almost everyone I know is going! Too bad I'm not. The reason why I'm not going, is because I don't want to go through the trouble. I mean you have to buy a dress, style your hair, find some shoes with some big heels because flats don't go good with the dress...yeah, you get it. Also, it costs 15$ for a ticket! A small ticket which will be only used once! I know that the school needs some funds, but they already have a lot of fundraisers going on. The Tri-Tip dinner for example,  the zoo, and the Wild Waters field trip. We even had a cookie fundraiser once! I also don't want to go because it's going to end at 10 o'clock, not to mention that you're "forced" to stay until that time. They expect the students' parents, who are tired, and about to go to sleep, to pick them up from a school formal. I fall asleep at 10, even on weekends! 

So, to put it brief, I'm not going to formal because I don't want to go through the trouble, stay until 10, and 
YES!! CST IS FINALLY OVER! I don't have to stay 5 hours in a stuffy room anymore! No more worries, just living carefree.. or so I thought. Mrs. Poole is having a big test today on a new chapter, and so far, everyone is saying that it is SUPER hard! I didn't even have enough time to study, because of all the CST tests and everything. Also, when I get home, I am magically pulled into doing chores which leads me to only study for 12 minutes in the late night, being 9:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. 

The only time when I actually got to study was at break and lunch. Of course, that didn't do much help since break was only 10 minutes and lunch was only 30 minutes, but I thought that was better than nothing. I just want this test to be over and done with, and hopefully I get a good score on the test because I do not want to af
So I am definetly freaking out about the CST! I feel like I'm not prepared well enough at all. Mostly because I am really bad in Math, and who knows how hard the math questions are. I have a pretty good idea how hard it's going to be on the CST, judging from the released test questions. How am I going to survive school NOW!?

Sometimes I wish I already took the CST, so that I wouldn't have any worries, and the fun stuff could begin. Some schools took the CST already last week, and even last month! I guess it's kind of a good thing though, because I had a lot of time to study, including the 3 1/2 half days: This Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and especially Monday. I hope that I can get into the proficient and advanced group after the CST, because I have a pretty good idea that it's going to be lowered. 

Well, wish me luck! 

So today has been an interesting Friday. Well, mostly the substitutes. In French class, we did a fashion show, and my favorite part of it were the bloopers. We did the Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, and we even disco danced to a song called Stayin' Alive. It was really fun! I had 2 substitutes, one in Core, and one in Computers.

The substitute in Core was really interesting. He reminded me of a 6th grade teacher more, because when we were reading a passage, he stopped every few minutes and asked us questions about it, which reminded me a lot of 6th grade. The substitute in Computers turned out to be Mr. Vinson! He's actually an 8th grade teacher here in Computech, but he seems pretty nice. This is a chance to get on his good side anyway, haha. 

Overall, today was a good day, and so I hope that you have a good weekend to
So today when I came in to Computer class, Melissa, Paige, and Christopher were arguing about sparkle(s) being a color, which doesn't make much sense to me. Christopher says that sparkles is an effect, or adjective, which I agree with. I mean if sparkles are a color, then isn't it suppose to have its own color. All it does is make other colors shiny and sparkly. What's the point?

Even if it's just sparkles by itself, it's just white, or transparent. One sparkle by itself is just transparent, but when it's grouped up together, it turns white, which is also a color. A pretty accurate reason if you ask me. I find it a little bit childish of arguing about sparkles. I mean it just has that "kindergarten" feeling, you know what I mean?

Anyways, I know that this weekend is going to be a normal one. I hope you readers have a good weekend, and have fun!
My cousin Kay is getting married this Sunday! I am really happy for her, because she is really loyal. She's in training at a nursing school, and her husband-to-be Peter is a really great guy! He's really funny, and he's also smart. Sometimes he even helps me with my homework! The wedding is going to be at a church near Madera, and there's going to be a lot of people coming. I am going to meet many new people, and also see new faces that I haven't known before. I hope that everything is going to go well. Did I mention that my little half-brother is going to be the ring boy? I'm so proud of him! He's 3 years old, so I think he can handle it.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to have a good time!
To put it blankly, SPRING BREAK IS NEXT WEEK! Yay! Everyone's been excited, and have been anticipating for this day. We come back on the day after April Fools, which means that on that day, we're going to Woodward Park! 

Now, that doesn't sound unusual or fun compared to other kids. Even my teachers, actually. Mr. Dorman is going to Chicago, and some kids are going out of the states! Wow! While I'm just sitting there, playing on my iPod, looking at clothes that I can't afford...Well, yeah. You get the point. But I LOVE Woodward Park, because there's so many things you can do there! Like feeding the geese or ducks, going to the Japanese Garden, swimming, fishing, jogging, all that jazz.  

So basically, I can't wait for April Fools! It's going to be so much fun! I hope that there's going to be lots of events and games, and tons of fun! Well, have a nice BREAK!
I'm not sure if "baby brother" is the term for a 2-year old brother, but since he's still young then let's do it that way. His name is Nathan and he was born In October, 2010 . Nathan is a good kid and all, but sometimes he just annoys me so much. He tangles up my earphone or scribbles on my homework. Probably even worse. 

In fact, one time, when we began the Google grades spreadsheet, he kept on messing with the keyboard while I was typing sometime. Then, all of a sudden, he smashed both of his tiny hands on the keyboard, and deleted EVERYTHING! After that, I spent my whole Saturday recreating the spreadsheet. It's amazing what toddlers can do nowadays.  

Despite that he can be a bit of a homework murderer, he's actually a good kid. He can high five people, or do a fist bump. He can speak a lot too. He listens to what other people say, and he copies/mocks them. He may be a little terror, but he's still my baby brother, so he is my responsibility.