Muhammad was a person who believed in prosperity and honesty and he had many experiences in his childhood. As he grew, he noticed that the wealthy people have been ignoring the poor, and so as time passed, he kept on thinking about it. When he was an adult, he worked for a wealthy woman name Khadijah, and eventually they married and had a daughter. One day, when Muhammad was in his 40s, he went to a cave to meditate like he always did, and according to Arabians, Muhammad was recieved a message from an angel. They said that God, later known as Allah, spoke to Muhammad through that angel, and ever since that day, Muhammad  created a new religion called Islam. 
    Everyday, Muhammad reported new things about Islam, and most of them were based on Judaism and Christianity. He claimed that there was only one God, Allah, and that no one should respect any idols but him. Muhammad said that wealthy people and poor people should be equal, upsetting many people who were wealthy, especially in Mecca. Not long after that, the people of Mecca decided to kill Muhammad, forcing Muhammad to run away to the city of Medina along with his daughter. Luckily, Medina had many followers of Muhammad, and so the people of Medina came back to Mecca with Muhammad to war. Mecca finally gave up, and then let Muhammad stay and then they turned Muslim.

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